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Playlists: A Revolution for Artists | Innovating Music

Andrea Young sees playlisting as a revolution for artists. She shared a lot of basics of how to engage with both your fans and playlisters to create a thoughtful playlisting strategy for artists at different stages of their careers. Toolsets are available within different platforms to understand analytics and learn from where and how your fans listen to your music. We talked about how the new funnels are a bit more translucent than the old ones to get your music in the right places and to the right fans. Read More

Music 3.0 | Innovating Music Podcast

Vickie Nauman and Andrea Young joined us to talk about Music 3.0. Vickie had written an article for Rethink Music, a blog by the Berklee College of Music, about Music 3.0. Music 1.0 in this discussion was music sold as physical goods and Music 2.0 was the world of digital music. Vickie spoke about how the Music 2.0 world “bent” the existing ecosystems and infrastructures, trying to make them work for a downloading and early streaming world. Music 3.0 is needing new pipes and systems, and is not just direct-to-fan options. It is rebuilding assumptions on how we market, finance, and create music. Read More

Translating Music Lyrics | Innovating Music Podcast

Enjoy our new "Innovating Music" podcast episode with Robert Singerman, VP, International Publishing at LyricFind. Robert has been on a 14-year quest: to translate music legally between languages and cultures. Lyrics are the #1 search term on the internet and Robert shares the story of LyricFind's path to creating a legal marketplace in the US for song lyrics, up to nearly a billion lyrics a month in volume. LyricFind is on a mission with far-reaching social implications: giving music subtitles, with many more translated songs than the top 50,000 and many more than 15 languages. Read More

Songwriters + Global Music Streaming | Innovating Music Podcast

At MusicBiz in Nashville in May 2018, Joe Conyers III shared his thoughts and experiences about a wide variety of international and domestic songwriter royalty, rights, markets, and metadata issues. We spoke of the impacts on streaming growth from cheaper smartphones in international urban markets. We then spoke of the challenges of “ancient infrastructure” at the collecting societies, and the impacts from playlists having such global reach. We wrapped up on the futures of Alexa and terrestrial radio, with an optimistic spin on the opportunities coming from streaming's future. Read More

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