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Slides from SF Discussion on Smart Phones, Smarter Audiences

We're glad to share the slides from our discussion in San Francisco. Thanks to those who joined us on June 19 for a conversation about the impacts of smartphones and playlists on how we make music consumption decisions . . . and how they impact how we make decisions to attend live concerts. Read More

Creating Fearlessly - In Virtual Reality

How do you create new and innovative systems for producing content in a new space? For Connor Illsley of Combo Bravo in Toronto, you innovate by "creating fearlessly." Connor schemes how to create the most amazing creative scenario that is true to the artist -- and THEN figures out how to make the new tech work to serve the artist. He shares the thought process behind Jazz Cartier's 2016 music video Red Alert/100 Roses pair, as well as projects since. He shares with us how VR can open up opportunities with music as it lets us create more abstract approaches that just recreating reality. Read More

Data-Driven Touring Insights

How can artists and managers use all the streaming and touring information to plan their markets and concerts better? Rossanna and Efrain from Cayo5 joined us to talk about how their are working to help artists manage disparate data sets to make decisions about where to go. Read More

An Artist from Thin Air: Artist as Code

Elodie and Paco have created Maya Kodes -- from code. She's not just a new girl group -- she is an new girl. Maya is a fully scripted and created hologram in performance, based on a set of technology uses to bring her to live audiences. Elodie and Paco share the decisions Maya had to make, the creative choices for creating a new "personality," and the quirky limits and opportunities from working with an artist without emotion or living soul. What does this provide in opportunities for localization, multiple locations, and artists? Read More

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