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Solving a Problem | Innovating Music Podcast

Dennis Murcia shares his insights and experiences with innovation and Latin music. He shares how innovation is "solving a problem" and how it creates growing pains in traditional industry sectors. Read More

Making It Simple | Innovating Music Podcast

Jay Gilbert runs three organizations, each working to help artists expand their work and presence. To Jay, innovation is standing on the shoulders of giants, improving tools you have to grow your audience. He works to take complex tech and make it simple for the artists and organizations he helps. Read More

Creating Value | Innovating Music Podcast

Gary Young, from Royalty Exchange, sees innovation as creating value for others, and does so with creating an auction system for intellectual property that creatives want to monetize. He shares with us how Royalty Exchange connects 20,000 buyers with creative rights across music, books, and other media, and how this process is right at the beginning of a long period of bringing future growth to the present for music. Read More

Event: Music Industry Research Association Conference

Thanks to those who joined us at the inaugural Music Industry Research Conference on Aug. 10 and 11 at UCLA's Luskin Conference Center. For more information, please visit Read More

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