Jason Robert takes us down the blockchain rabbithole, introducing us to the many details that make up a new cryptocurrency business, which he calls a "social movement disguised as technology." His new platform to sell tickets with Ethereum is mere weeks old when we record this, and he takes us though some of his challenges innovating in both blockchain and ticketing at the same time.


Guest: Jason Robert, Co-Founder & CEO, HelloSugoi

Jason is Co-Founder & CEO of HelloSugoi, an event ticketing platform that leverages the Ethereum blockchain. He’s also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Jason has composed songs at BMG Production Music for high-profile TV shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, and Showtime. He’s also released several albums as Lost Midas on the Tru Thoughts label to critical acclaim by the BBC and NPR.

Twitter: @helloSugoi

Mentioned Links:

HelloSugoi - https://www.hellosugoi.com/

How Jason Learned Empathy as an Apple Creative: https://medium.com/@jason.robert/what-i-learned-about-empathy-as-an-apple-creative-bfb23dc1e738 @jason.robert/what-i-learned-about-empathy-as-an-apple-creative-bfb23dc1e738

dotBlockchain - http://dotblockchainmusic.com/

RAC - http://rac.fm/

Ujo Music X RAC - https://rac.ujomusic.com/

JAAK - http://jaak.io/

Techstars Music - http://www.techstars.com/programs/music-program/

Resonate - https://resonate.is/

LostMidas.com - https://www.lostmidas.com/

Jason on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hello-jason-robert/



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