CMI Colleagues and Collaborators

We are working with a diverse groups of faculty, students, creators, and other collaborators across UCLA and many other organizations.  

Some of our UCLA colleagues and collaborators are listed below: 


UCLA Department



Interests in Music Innovation

Rebecca Allen


Design Media Arts

Department Chair, Professor


Her work in media art, design and research, which spans over three decades, pushes the boundary of creative expression while utilizing cutting-edge technology. Her work takes the form of experimental film, virtual and augmented reality art installations, kinetic sculpture, wearable computing, large-scale performance and interactive experience design. Allen has collaborated with musical artists such as Kraftwerk, Mark Mothersbough (Devo), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Peter Gabriel, Carter Burwell and performing artists such as Twyla Tharp, Joffrey Ballet and La Fura dels Baus.

Lily Chen-Hafteck

Music Education

Professor, Music Education


Her interests include curriculum and education. Her research focuses on cross-cultural study, singing and cultural understanding, and early childhood musical development.

Gloria Cheng


Lecturer-- Performance Practice, Contempo Flux Ensemble


Her interests include audio or visual digital media combined with acoustic performance, including her November 2015 symposium: BEYOND MUSIC - Composition and Performance in the Age of Augmented Reality.

Hans Fjellestad  

Music Industry Lecturer   As a Los Angeles filmmaker/musician/artist, he has presented his work in theaters, museums, festivals and clubs throughout the world (U.S., Canada, Europe, Turkey, Afghanistan, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil) and on major television networks including Showtime, ABC, MTV, Adult Swim, Arte, PBS, and BBC. His feature documentary films include Sunset Strip, Moog, Frontier Life, When The World Breaks, The Heart is a Drum Machine, and Sounding the Space. As musician, Hans tours and records extensively as a solo artist and in collaboration with numerous players on the experimental music scene in over a dozen countries. He also composes original music for theater, television, and film. Hans was curator and producer for the international art initiative, inSite_05, and was artist-in-residence at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood 2008-2011, curating and hosting the monthly live music series ResBox. 

Frank Heuser

Music Education

Associate Professor; head of Music Education


His research interests include the study of motor control issues in musicians, reproducing audience experiences, and the understanding and prevention of performance problems in wind players, and issues surrounding music perception and cognition.

Ray Knapp


Professor and Chair


His interests include changes in Broadway, from symphonies to musicals. He has led the way in providing internet-based supporting resources, including online scrolling analyses for his Beethoven course, and more recently developed a website to deliver streaming audio examples and video clips for two of his books.

David Leaf

Music Industry

Adjunct Professor; Manager, Music Industry Intern Program


Peabody and WGAW award-winning writer, director and producer best known for his work in feature documentary, live event specials and a series of highly-regarded pop culture profiles and retrospectives. A ten-minute production highlights reel streams on his website at As a director, Leaf’s critically-acclaimed “The Night James Brown Saved Boston” had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival. Distributed outside North America by Fremantle, the film was also an official selection at 2008’s London’s Meltdown Festival and at festivals in Vienna, Prague and Barcelona.

Steve Mamber

Film, TV, and
Digital Media

Professor, Cinema and Media Studies Program


His digital media courses include the seminars Issues in Electronic Culture, Computer Applications for Film Studies and Videogame Theory. His current activities outside the classroom include developing video database applications; experimenting with single-board microcontroller Arduino and other electronic devices for use in multimedia projects; and creating video-related apps for iOS devices and other platforms.

John Mamer


Professor, Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management


Interest in music as a bellwether for change in other industries

Vandana Mangal


Executive Director - Easton Technology Leadership Program and Research Director - BIT


Her interests include digital information behind and under industries, including music.

Denise Mann

Theater, Film
and Television

Associate Professor; Area Head, Producers Program


She is working with Havas on next generation media models and several of her PhD students are working on music-related studies. Denise runst the Producers Program at UCLA TFT.

Drew Schnurr

Music & Design
Media Arts

Lecturer, Electronic Music


He teaches a sound course in Design Media Arts, and focuses on electronic music, sonic arts curriculum, and composition as an artist.

Jessica Schwartz


Assistant Professor


She has been teaching a Punk History course, and is working to create a textbook and multimedia online learning platform to create a layered learning environment for it (which also can be used by others). In addition to researching punk, her current book project explores the impact of US nuclear weapons testing on musical, vocal, and sound based expression and reception in the Marshall Islands. She is also working on another book that details the US governmental sound design of the atomic age (Fed Civil Defense) in terms of civilian sensorial re-education and impact on pop music. Interests include Pedagogy – aural and analytic skills; gaming world; sound design

Mike Shapiro

Music Industry



Michael Shapiro has enjoyed a successful thirty-year career as a drummer, percussionist, producer and educator. A self-taught musician from Washington D.C., Shapiro has performed with many legendary artists spanning multiple genres.

Tim Taylor


Professor; Director of Graduate Studies


Tim is an interdisciplinary social scientist focusing mainly on music as it relates to capitalism and consumer culture, globalization, and technology.

Mark Tramo

Music Industry

Lecturer, Music Industry, Music and the Brain


He is part of the UC Music Experience Research Community Initiative (UC MERCI), which will allow UC researchers to share cutting-edge resources and collaboratively develop methods to understand – and enhance – music’s ability to affect and even transform the human mind. Mark also is the Director of The Institute for Music & Brain Science ( He is a songwriter and member of ASCAP.

Marc Bolin


PhD student; past Master of Music and BA, UCLA


His interests include American roots and African-American folk music, particularly jug band music; jazz; jazz opera; jazz poetry; brass bands; marching-performing-street bands in the United States; West Coast Hip-Hop orchestras; and LA studio culture

Michael D'Errico


Lecturer; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College


His research focuses on trends in software and hardware design, as well as the development of interfaces for digital music and multimedia production. As a DJ and electronic music producer, he has performed and published on a range of topics including hip-hop, sound design, electronic dance music, and video games.

Twitter: @TheAtticBat

Andrew DeWaard

Theater, Film
and Television

PhD Student


His research interests include media industries, digital humanities, political economy of media, and authorship. His specific research focuses include: concentration of ownership in the cultural industries, transmedia, synergy, digital circulation, cultural capital, network technology, authorship, and intertextuality.

Dawn Marie Hamilton


MM continuing as DMA in clarinet performance


She is particularly interested in:
1. collaborative performing arts projects (integrating music, dance, &/or theater)
2. live performance in classical music today (stage presence, audience connectivity, maintaining interest of modern audiences and younger generations)
3. music as a catalyst for social change

AJ Kluth

Systematic Musicology

Graduate student


His interests include performance/production techniques, contemporary philosophical interpretive strategies of musical meaning, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, enactivism and music cognition, and jazz studies.

Tiffany Naiman


PhD Candidate


She is a DJ, electronic music producer, and documentary film producer. As a scholar of popular music, gender, and temporality, her research explores rock and pop music of the late modern period, focusing on the voice, aging, and value. Interests: aging voice of popular music; neoliberalism, genre creation, value; David Bowie; psychoanalysis. She is a part of three Digital Humanities projects at UCLA one on Punk with Assistiant Professor Schwartz; a Mikey Katz project with Professor Mark Kligman, and an electronic dance music collaborative project with fellow grad student Mike D'Errico.

Matthew Perkins

Theater, Film and Television

PhD Student, Cinema and Media Studies


His interests include music videos, concert films, use of visual effects at live music events

Lara Diane Rann


PhD Student


Her interests include performance, music therapy, expressive arts therapy applied music careers

Alex W. Rodriguez


PhD Student


His interests include social connectivity amidst global flows, web-based tools for connecting musicians across geographical, linguistic, and economic barriers. I am in the beginning stages of developing a website modeled on David MacFadyen's for jazz musicians around the world.

Helen Rowe


PhD Student


Her interests include videogame music; concepts of performance; first person games – reception aurally; production of musical meaning; performance dynamics; related paper at Lawrence University. She presented at Inertia Conference on Physical Performance and Musical Agency in Video Games and presented " “Classical Music in Game Space: How Portal 2’s Turret Opera Redefines Performance” at Carleton "Music on Small Screens" conference.