We have been rethinking our scope of work in music innovation. We are both expanding and refocusing on three areas over the next year:

  • possible future system changes in music, driven in part by streaming music and changing backend data systems,
  • global music change, and
  • local music change.

We are looking at the impact of those streaming and tech system changes on the rest of music, including creation, community, and “places” of music.  We’re looking at how different people are experiencing a different current and future world of music. We’re also looking for the opportunities for both individual creators and new alternatives in this expanding time and work and more complex system.

Over the next year, we are expanding the podcast to be more richly about the future and the local and global implications, as well as about changemakers driving possible futures. We are continuing our creative career series, adding partners. We are adding new music innovators to our board, so welcome suggestions if you’d like to get more personally involved. We also are exploring events and programs looking at local music and local systems in different cities, starting with Los Angeles in the fall.

Want to get involved?

  • It’s a great time to reach out to the Center with programs and ideas.
  • We are seeking additional funding to grow many of our programs, and appreciate other organizations who can help us stretch and grow.
  • We also are targeting to have additional summer projects in The Lab, our intensive research boutique that pilots new marketing techniques and next generation marketing tools along with brands and creators.

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