Music + Innovation


To explore technology and innovation are impacting music and cultural systems now and in the future. 

Our Main Objectives

  1. Research about drivers and impacts of tech-enabled music innovation and how they impact social/society/structural change,
  2. Engage diverse communities around these questions from different points of view, and
  3. Connect these questions with the the university -- spurring and expanding our core work inside HASoM (research and education) and connecting richly with the outside worlds (community and collaboration).

Our Three Core Directions

  • Research – collaborative work between faculty, graduate students, and fellows; action research with teachers, schools, and industry

  • Education -- expanding opportunities with the HASoM Music Industry Program, summer institutes, and continuing education 

  • Community/Collaboration -- podcasts, events, forums, conferences, and engagement with our Music Innovation Advisory Council 


Why Music + Innovation?

Research Themes and Focus

How to Get Involved

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