Enjoy a few of our snapshots of a day of great ideas and conversations at Music 2020 at Digital Hollywood Oct. 20, 2016.  And thanks to the many panelists and audience members who joined in a series of panels and conversations of the voices of Music 2020 . . . and how we could create different Futures.


New Technologies

New Creation Technologies Panel at Music 2020

 From Left: Rafik Anadol, Mike D'Errico, Bas den Braber, Juan Santillan


Tech Panel

 From Left: Mike D'Errico, Bas den Braan, Juan Santillan, Rafik Anadol


Changing Nature of Where


Changing Nature of Where Panel at Music 2020

 From Left: Dennis Murcia, Michael McCarty, Charlos Chineros


Changing Nature of Where Panel at Music 2020


 From Left: Tom Windish, Dennis Murcia, Michael McCarty, and Charlos Chirinos


Bands, Brands, and Attention

Bands and Brands Panel at Music 2020


 From Left: Bob Fink, Helge Steffen, Perry Symonds

Bands and Brands Panel


 From left: Bob Fink, Perry Symonds, Helge Steffen


The Long View

The Long View Panel at Music 2020


Fom Left: Gigi Johnson, Pat Riley, Branka Olson, Catherine Tang


Putting It Together

Ted and Albhy wrapping it up



From left: Ted Cohen, Albhy Galuten

Below: Gigi Johnson, Ted Cohen, Albhy Galuten

Wrapping it up


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