How do changes in music and technology affect how we create?


 The Center works with other events, programs, and organizations on key transformation issues.  Presently, we are focusing in these areas:

  • Voices of Innovation -- How are different perspectives and directions changing music?
  • Streaming Music's impact on business systems, live music, and communities
  • Present and future of local music, especially in Los Angeles
  • Next-generation data-enhanced music marketing and communities
  • New performance and creation technologies, including VR, AR, and immersive experiences

We also focus on research, events, and collaboration this year, with a focus on looking at music as a Bellwether to other sectors — pointing the way of possible other shifts and new models.

We engage with these research directions with these Programs:

  • "Innovating Music" Podcast
  • Webinars on Music Tech 101
  • Speaking and programs at music, technology, and innovation events
  • Next-Generation Music Marketing Lab (in pilot phase)
  • Present and Future of Music in Los Angeles (2018 program)
  • Music Tech Lab (2018/19 launch planned) 

For more information and interest from your organization, please contact us or join our eNewsletter.


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